It's Adventure Time!!!


You are a freelance web designer and currently working on the following projects, you aren't getting paid for any of them, but hey you're learning super fast, in no time you will be landing larger clients with breeze, in the mean time lets get started on these before they write you a bad yelp review! ( geez )

There are currently 3 projects, a store website, a mobile application, and an artist. We've got Bootstrap, Sublime Text, and Google Chrome at your disposal, plus they gave you all their images and information. Finally we aren't waiting for their content. Now we just have to lay things out. Well lets better get started then!

Feel free to pick any client you wish, each lesson will teach you different components of html, css, and bootstrap.

Select your client below

D+B Super Discount

A local Discount Store is looking for a website, they have no budget and are looking for bright talent, in exchange for services they will give you a bag of chips and maybe a soda, "Hey man times are rough"

NotePadz iOS Application

That new new, all about Notepadz, the new note taking experience. Ever Need to take some notes? Well We got you covered, we're a small startup looking for a website, please we will give you unlimited note taking skillzz.

DJ Erok's Website

Famous Critical Beatdown Disc Jockey, EROK is in need of a new website, help us build it out and learn how to get down with them ratchets.