my name is Andrew Ng I'm here to help you create your first website!

People often think it's hard to create a website, I beg to differ. I feel like anybody can learn how to code no matter what age, or education. As long as you're willing to learn, dedicated, and enjoy a challenge you can learn! This whole course will be 100% free and open sourced, I will provide all the assets you need to follow these lessons. We will be build real world applications/demos, none of that "Hello World" ish (okay sorry we have to create one a hello world demo ha but don't worry it won't waste your time). I guarantee these lessons will help you get your website up in no time. Download the assets below and lets get started!

Assets that you will need:

My browser of choice is Google Chrome, I love how lightweight and fast the browser is, plus it has a very nice web inspector that we are going to be using throughout the lesson plan.


Sublime Text will be used as our text editor, it is free and has lots of extra features (excuse the poorly tabbed thematic break haha).


Bootstrap will the front-end framework that we will use to jumpstart our websites, bootstrap contains many prebuilt components that will not only quickly get our website running, but also give you a better understanding of html/css


Well off then lets start learning by getting bootstraped!